To improve internet-based teaching and learning, the internet-based learning platform provides teachers and students the opportunities of an on-line discussion and material sharing on the system.

distance learning

Teachers and students use communication networks, computer networks, video channels and other transmission media to conduct interactive teaching methods. This unit will provide teaching instructions for related software


"Teaching Assistant Manage System" provides the integrated information, which includes teaching improvement training course, the supervision and evaluation about TA. It serves as an communication platform between TA and instructors and enhances the quality of teaching and student learning.


"Teaching Assistant Fellowship System" provides teaching assistants to modify personal data and account services.

Software enquiry system

Software enquiry system offered the users to query the valid software used legally in NPUST.


This provides a collaborative teaching and learning environment to facilitate the multiple function internet services opportunities to enhance students’ learning motivations and academic achievements.

teaching performance assessment system

Resource integration for internet-based learning . Teachers can self-evaluate their teaching performance and academic achievement on the real-time teaching performance assessment system.